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Biofeedback — Stress Relief Health Games | somaticvision.com
Biofeedback — Stress Relief Health Games | somaticvision.com
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An array of fun software games with biofeedback, engineered to help you build mental precision and manage daily stress.

Biofeedback — Stress Relief Health Games | somaticvision.com

Home Products About Biofeedback Press and Reviews Partners Support Blog Forum Neurofeedback Master stress. Start today 80 of us suffer from stress Each year we get busier and busier. We do more in a day than ever before absorbing the stress of navigating a world that is socially and technologically complicated. It is important to develop techniques to reduce the impact of stress so we can enjoy life more and reach our goals. Drug free relief thats effective With Somatic Visions engaging Alive program you can repair damaged sleep patterns succeed at professional challenges and achieve greater emotional balance in your family life. Biofeedback measures and displays body data that reflects stress and gives you the ability to relax and respond better to pressure by controlling your bodys natural stress response. Learn more about biofeedback Think more clearly make better decisions The role of stress Even the most positive changes in work school or lifestyle cause stress and undermine your ability to sleep properly think clearly multitask concentrate and keep emotions in balance. Managing stress to improve mental performance is important for people across all walks of life Business leaders first responders athletes and performers families experiencing structural change and students under pressure. How biofeedback can make you more successful Biofeedback trains you to control your bodys natural stress response so you can repair damaged sleep patterns succeed at difficult challenges and achieve better emotional balance in your daily life. Learn more about biofeedback Bring out your best physical performance with your mind Training the mind IS training the body People in physically demanding careers are especially in need of managing stress. Success at these careers depends on the ability to manage stress stemming from family changes professional challenges fear of injury and pressure to succeed.

Techniques that help you acess your abilities Biofeedback is one of the most effective and widely used performance enhancing disciplines used in clinical government and military applications. Biofeedback gives you the ability to relax and respond better to pressure by consciously controlling your bodys natural stress response. Many successful athletes and performers train with Alive to identify and learn to get into a peak performance zone. Learn more about biofeedback Biofeedback enhances clinical practice We get out of balance The effects of body chemistry or life experiences can dominate a persons consciousness and prevent optimal functioning. Children with ADHD trauma victims and others with challenges can significantly improve their quality of life through the ability to create states of relaxation for themselves. Help is here Taking a cue from NASA researchers and PTSD specialists psychologists and other clinicians have found that incorporating biofeedback into therapies with patients yields better and quicker results. Through biofeedback you can help patients can find relief from stress repair sleep patterns be more willing to take on positive challenges and achieve better emotional balance. Learn about our clinical products Stress Relief Better Mental Ability Sports Performance Clinical Use How Do Biofeedback Games Work Video games with a healthy purpose What if you could use a familiar game format that is fun for anyone to reduce your stress level Alive Games are designed to be used by high profile executives athletes busy families people in mission critical jobs teens and children. As you play any one of the many Alive games youll see your bodys stress relaxation data displayed through 3 D and abstract visuals graphs and music. Coaching and progress tracking make it easy for you to see your improvement over time and build confidence in your ability to meet challenges with calm and precision.

Master yourself as you master the game Played as little as 10 minutes a day Alive Games help you Reduce the impact of stress on your life Restore balance and vitality Improve physical Alive Dual Drive Pro Particle Editor 3 Inner Tube 3 Newsletter Get news from Somatic Vision delivered to your inbox. Subscribe Unsubscribe Play Healthy Video Games Tropical Heat Just 10 minutes a day of fun video games can make you feel great and manage your stress. Partner Opportunities We welcome resellers We also offer affiliate partner and scholarship programs to help you build a stronger practice. Learn more Kim Alive user It is the most wonderful tool We use it in my family with the conscious intention of reducing stress. I love this technology Adam Kahn parent We got a call from the school principal Our son is doing better Im sure that Dual Drive has had something to do with it. I love watching him calm down and breathe. 2020 Shadytree Lane Encinitas CA 92024 1. 858. 964. 2250 The Necessary Disclaimer Somatic Vision devices are intended for self education fun and internal exploration not diagnosis or treatment of any medical conditions.

Somatic Vision makes no medical claims regarding improvement of any specific conditions. If you have health concerns please ask your doctor before using these products. 2013 Somatic Vision Inc. All rights reserved. . Kontakt. .

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