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ChilliSpot - Open Source Captive Portal
ChilliSpot - Open Source Captive Portal
ChilliSpot is an Open Source Captive Portal for Authenticating Wi-Fi or LAN users with web based login.

ChilliSpot - Open Source Captive Portal

Home Features Release Notes FAQ man chilli Forum Download Chillispot Captive Portal Chilli Spot is an open source captive portal or wireless LAN access point controller. It is used for authenticating users of a wireless LAN. It supports web based login which is todays standard for public Hot Spots. Authentication authorization and accounting (AAA) is handled by your favorite radius server. Binary downloads are available for Redhat Febora Debian Mandrake and Open WRT. Chilli Spot is an ebuild in Gentoo and compiles under Free BSD. Source code under GPL is available for other platforms. To build your own Hot Spot you need the following items Internet connection Wireless LAN access point Chilli Spot software for your PC Radius server Web server All the above are included in one package at Hot Spot Systems turnkey hotspot solution. You can install the radius and web server on the same PC as Chilli Spot or they can be located on the Internet. Looking for an easy HOTSPOT solution based on Chillispot Check out Hotspot Software by Hotspot System. DISCLAIMER All information including documentation information and binary firmware releases are copyrighted by www.

Chillispot. Org. The goal is to provide an information source for those visitors who are looking for the Chillispot project. The Chillispot project is no longer maintained. There is a newer project called Coova Chilli which is based on Chillispot. News 2007 09 25 Chilli Spot website forum revamped Chilli Spot website as well as the forum section is alive again. 2006 09 24 Chilli Spot 1. 1 released Chilli Spot 1. 1 has been released. It is a development release with 1.

0 being the stable release to use for production. It adds the following features Open BSD port Initial Open BSD port. Thanks to Sevan Venture37. Radiusnasip option Allows the specification of the IP address to be used for the NAS IP Address attribute. This was previously determined by the radiuslisten option which is still used if the radiusnasip option is not specified. Thanks to David Bird. Radiuscalled option Allows the specification of the name to be used for the Called Station ID attribute. This was previously determined by the MAC address of the wireless interface which is still used if the radiuscalled option is not specified. Confusername and confpassword options When these options are given Chilli Spot will query the radius server at regular intervals. Attributes returned by the radius server will override the aumallowed macallowed and interval options.

Conup and condown options These options allow scripts to be run when users are authenticated and disconnected. The scripts are executed with the following parameters devicename ip address mask user ip address user mac address and filter ID. A rich set of environment variables are provided as well. See the release notes for further details. Old News 2005 09 23 Chilli Spot 1. 0 released Chilli Spot 1. 0 has been released. It corrects the following bugs Macallowed and uamallowed options can be specified multiple times Chilli Spot now accepts multiple lines with macallowed or uamallowed in the configuration file or multiple times at the command line. Thanks to David Bird and for the initial implementation and Lorenzo Bettini for upgrading Gengetopt to support long lines. Improved IP allocation after restart for MAC authenticated users Users which have been authenticated on the bases of MAC address will now be re authenticated straight after a Chilli Spot reboot.

Furthermore copyright statement and credits have been included with the program. 2005 07 16 Chilli Spot Logo The winner of the logo competition has been selected. Congratulations to Josh from Lockstock and thanks to everybody else who participated in the competition. Special thanks to Stefan Lengacher for arranging the competition The new logo is displayed on the home page as well as the forum. 2005 04 03 Chilli Spot 1. 0 RC3 released Chilli Spot 1. 0 RC3 has been released. It corrects the following bugs Improved IP allocation after restart Improved Skype compatibility Better parsing of uamserver and uamhomepage options Thanks to Drew S. Dupont. Daemon will now write debug output Corrected memcpy bug on uamallowed option Thanks to Jerome Heulot.

Improved redundant radius retry Furthermore a new radiusnasporttype option has been added which specifies the NAS Port Type radius attribute to use. 2005 02 28 Chilli Spot 1. 0 RC2 released Chilli Spot 1. 0 RC2 has been released. It corrects the following bugs Errors when run as daemon A bug introduced in 1. 0 RC1 caused a number of problems when run in the background. This affected Session Time and other features. Chilli Spot Max Total Octets This attribute now works as intended. 2005 02 06 Chilli Spot 1. 0 RC1 released Chilli Spot 1.

0 RC1 has been released. New features include Radius volume limit attributes. Native EAPOL. HUP and periodic re reading of configuration file. 2004 12 29 Chilli Spot 0. 99 released Chilli Spot 0. 99 has been released. New features include WISPr Appendix D compliance. Radius Disconnect support. RFC 3585 style MAC addresses MAC address forwarded to UAM server.

MAC authentication limited to specific MAC addresses. Initial Free BSD port. Bug fixes and quality assurance on source code. 2004 11 12 Mandrake RPM available Chilli Spot binary RPMs for Mandrake are now available and can be downloaded from mandrakeclub. Com (members only) or one of the mirrors. To install on Mandrake Linux Cooker you simply type rpm Uvh chillispot 0. 98 1 mdk. I586. Rpm or urpmi chillispot For configuration you can use the instructions for Red Hat in the release notes as a starting point. Thanks to Oden Eriksson Mandrake Soft 2004 11 03 Chilli Spot 0.

98 released Chilli Spot 0. 98 has been released. It includes bug fixes for the following Session Timeout and accounting record bug. MAC Authentication static IP bug. Please see the release notes for further details. 2004 09 27 Chilli Spot 0. 97 released Chilli Spot 0. 97 has been released. New features include Free Radius Hosting. Improved hotspotlogin.

Cgi. New radius attributes. 2004 08 23 Chilli Spot 0. 96 released Chilli Spot 0. 96 has been released. New features include MAC authentication with static IP address allocation. Source code review bug fixes and additional logging. Thanks to Alexander Papadakis and Vladimir Vuksan. 2004 07 12 Chilli Spot 0. 95 released Chilli Spot 0.

95 has been released. New features include Browsing some web sites without authenticating. Thanks to Dan Strohschein. Improved makefiles. Thanks to Ned Ludd. More information to perl cgi script User Name Session Timeout as well as the original URL. Improved network interface configuration. 2004 07 08 Gentoo ebuild. Chilli Spot is now an ebuild in Gentoo. Gentoo users wishing to fetch compile and install Chillispot simply need to type emerge chillispot While the package is in the testing stage users will either have to add the proper arch keyword to the local etc make.

Conf or export it via an ACCEPT KEYWORDS x86 emerge chillispot or ACCEPT KEYWORDS mips emerge chillispot Thanks to Ned Lud. 2004 06 22 Chilli Spot 0. 94 released Chilli Spot 0. 94 has been released. New features include Initial Open WRT port. Improved browser compatibility. New radius configuration options. 2004 06 11 Chilli Spot 0. 93 released Chilli Spot 0. 93 has been released.

New features include Radius Reply Message fully implemented. Better error handling. Gracious shutdown. 2004 05 27 Forum and mailing list Chilli Spot now has a forum for general discussions as well as a mailing list for developers and announcements. Feel free to join the forum. 2004 05 18 Chilli Spot 0. 92 updated A bug caused chilli to limit the bandwidth to zero if the WISPr Bandwidth Max Up and WISPr Bandwidth Max Down attributes were not present in the Radius Access Reply message. The old Chilli Spot 0. 92 has been been removed and a new one with timestamp 2004 05 18 has been uploaded. If you downloaded Chilli Spot 0.

92 between May 17 and May 18 you should download the updated version. 2004 05 17 Chilli Spot 0. 92 released Chilli Spot 0. 92 has been released. New features include Session Timeout Idle Timeout and WISPr radius attributes. Bug fix User will now actually be logged out when pressing Logout. 2004 05 10 Chilli Spot 0. 91 released Chilli Spot 0. 91 has been released. New features include Interim accounting.

New cgi script with popup logout window. Chilli no longer generates error messages when not using WPA. 2004 04 05 Chilli Spot 0. 90 released Chilli Spot 0. 90 has been released. This is the first release of Chilli Spot as open source. . Kontakt. .

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